Todd Saieed was born the son of one of North Carolinas leading General Contractors.  Groomed at an early age, he started his first landscaping company at age 14.  He travelled Eastern North Carolina installing and grooming the projects that his Fathers General Contracting firm built.   At the age of 15 he was assigned his first job as a project superintendent.  His Father hired a driver to take him to and from the jobsite every morning.   Todd had the unique opportunity of walking by his Father’s side during punch list walks with nationally known companies like UPS and GSA that his Father routinely developed build to suit Leaseback assets for.  It was the experience of these early events that pushed Todd to further his education in the field of Construction and development.  He attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering in 1985.  Upon graduation, Todd returned to Raleigh to join in the family’s construction business.  He held his first full time job as a project engineer for Saieed Construction Systems.  He quickly grew through the ranks of leadership in the family Construction business.  At the age of 35 he was named President of the firm.  Under his leadership he grew the business from a small family operation to one of the region’s leading General Contracting firms.  He increased the company’s annual volume from less than one million dollars a year to over 65 million when he finally put his general contracting business down to focus on a real estate development portfolio. He was elected President of the Raleigh General Contractors Association in 1999.  During his tenor as President and CEO of the construction business he provided the leadership to grow the business to become one of the fastest growing privately held companies in eastern North Carolina and for three years in a row was a top 10 member of the Triangle Business Journals fastest growing privately owned businesses, known as the FAST 50.

It was during those years that had was able to experience building a diverse range of real estate products, mainly focusing on multifamily and office construction and development.  At the age of 35, Todd was provided the opportunity to develop and build for the legendary multifamily coinsure, David Falk.  Mr. Falk’s company, Drucker & Falk, remains one of the leading regional multifamily managers and developers in today’s Southeastern United States market.  The opportunity and experience that Mr. Falk provided Todd and his company provided an experience that led the way to their own development world.  During his tenor as the Chief Executive Officer at Saieed Construction Systems, Todd was responsible for overseeing the completion of over 750 different construction projects. The company became a Regional Leading construction firm with a team of over 120 men and women working daily to perform quality projects.  The company always prided itself for fully completing each and every one of the projects in their entirety.  The company never failed on completion of a project under his watch of over 24 years.

In 1992, using the name of his Grandfather, Dewitt Carr, and Todd formed what is known today as Dewitt Carolinas Real Estate Services, Inc.

Dewitt Carr was a very well respected Eastern North Carolina Banker who focused on lending to the farmers in his rural Clinton area.  Dewitt Carr walked down the path of hard work, honesty and integrity.  He was a Christian man that provided many of his fellow man with an opportunity to borrow the money needed to work their farms.  Dewitt spent a lot of time mentoring Todd during his youthful years and today those characteristics of hard work, honesty and integrity along with a keen eye for the attention to detail and vision of end products developments have made Todd Saieed a leader in the real estate industry.

In 1997, Todd was joined by his family friend, Ven Poole.  Together at Dewitt Carolinas, Inc. they led a company that has become a leader in the real estate development world, continuing to focus on projects throughout the Carolinas.  Developing their first large 160,000 SF Class A office building, they quickly grew a portfolio of real estate assets to over two hundred million dollars of asset value.  The company, under their direction and leadership became the number one fastest growing privately held company in the North Carolina area in 2005 to top the list of the Triangle Business Journal Fast 50 at the number one spot.  The company has successfully developed over 300 various types of real estate related projects throughout the Carolinas.  Dewitt Carolinas has always considered management, leasing and sales of their own properties to be an important aspect of the business and those services of the business continues to grow today.

Todd’s experience, desire and pure love of the business of real estate construction, development and management keep him motivated to continue to grow the business and share his experience with other around him.

Todd is a strategic visionary with a clear sense of purpose and urgency when faced with diverse situational challenges during periods of both declining sales and rapid growth.  Skilled at establishing operational excellence within culturally diverse environments, translating conceptual models into specific growth strategies, and planning/executing multi-faceted aspects of a development project from concept to design to construction completion.

Todd is focused to Lead the strategic planning process, formulate the corporate vision and strategic direction, initiate growth strategies, approve all major financial management and new product development initiatives, provide strategic guidance on operations, direct capital creation efforts, and approve capital projects value.